If you are an admin user of an account, you automatically have access to the Account Administrator Dashboard in the web client. Simply log in to the web client with your administrator credentials, and you'll see the options under Administration in the left menu.

As the name implies, this dashboard gives you control over the users, shares, and settings of your account. 

Here's an overview of what you can do in each menu:

✔    Account lets you change account-wide settings such as 2FA settings, the mail language, Office Online integration, file history settings, etc.

✔    Share lets you manage user access and rights to shares.

✔    Group lets you create and manage user groups.

✔    User lets you create and manage users.

✔    Settings allows you to manage your account's email settings, templates, and to see the mail log.

✔    Reports gives you an overview of user activity based on different criteria.

✔    Restore history helps you recover your files that were encrypted by ransomware.

Note If you are an administrator of multiple accounts, you must choose which account you want to administer. Your currently selected account is shown next to the settings button in the top-right corner. Click on the account name to switch to another one.