1) What is the web client?

The web client is a web application where you can login with your FileWizrd credentials. It allows you to access your files from anywhere, without installing anything on your device. When you are created as a user for the first time, you will use this client to set up your password. You can also request a password reset here in case you've forgotten it, or need to set up a new one.

The web client is also the place where you can manage your profile, such as changing your Name, Phone Number, Title, or set up 2FA login. These can be done in the Profile menu.


The web client on iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 using Safari is not supported.


2) How can I reach the web client?

The web client can be reached at https://app.filewizrd.com.

3) What can I do in the web client?

As an Internal or External user, the exact functionality depends on the policies your Account Administrator has set up.

By default, you can:

✔    Create and edit Shares.

✔    Invite users to shares either from inside, or outside the account.

✔    Access and edit your profile information.

✔    Review devices that were used to log in with your account. Block devices that you don't recognize.

✔    Review your login history.

✔    Download a desktop client that matches your operating system (Windows or MacOS).

Once you've logged in, you will be presented with the Share List menu. This is where you can upload, download, and work with your files within the Shares that have been shared with you. Ignore this for now, and let's look at the top menu.

3.a) Top menu

Clicking the  button allows you to set the language of the web client, or to download our Windows and MacOS desktop applications.

Click the button to get to the Profile page, or to log out.

Hover your cursor over the button to see the version of the Web client.

If you are an administrator of multiple accounts, you will also see the option to select which account you want to work with. More on account administration 

3.b) Side menu

Here, you can access and work with your files, change your profile options, block and unblock your devices, see login logs, and access your created public links.

Note If you want to hide this menu, click on the  icon. Click it again to bring it back.

Let's continue by looking at what you can do in each of these menus: