1) The Devices menu

Every time your user logs into FileWizrd from a new device or client, it gets logged. You can see all this in the Devices menu. To get here, click on Devices in the left menu.

You can see the name of the device (Name), the last login time from that device (Last Login), the country of login (Country), and if the device is active or blocked (Status).

1.b) To block a device from connecting with your credentials:

✔    Click on the device.

✔    Click the little button that appears next to the Refresh button.

✔    Click Yes in the newly appeared pop-up to confirm the device block, or No to cancel it.

Note The block will also wipe all data downloaded from FileWizrd shares from the device.


2) The Logs menu

The Logs menu allows you to see every single login attempt with your credentials for a given date. By default, the date filter is set to "today". To change, click on the date next to Refresh, and choose the desired date.

You can see the time of the login attempt (Time), the device/client (Device Type), the country of login (Country), and the IP address the login was attempted from (IP).