Different platforms have different limitations. In order to play nice with all devices across users, some limits have been set on how you can name Files, Folders and Shares.

The following characters can not be used:


X    / - Slash

X    \ - Backslash

X    : - Colon

X    * - Asterisk

X    ? - Question mark

X    " - Double quotation mark

X    < - Less than

X    > - Greater than

X    | - Pipe

You can read more about filenaming on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, long file paths should be avoided, as Windows has a built-in limit of 255 characters for a full filename starting from the drive letter and ending with the file extension, spaces included.

This means that the full filename of the file that is under "U:\My Share\My Folder\My File.txt" will be 33 characters long. Other applications may have even lower limits.

Note It is possible to upload files with a full filename that is too long for Windows or your applications in the Web client. When you try to open these files using the desktop clients, you will most likely encounter an error. You can copy the file from the web client to e.g. your desktop and open the file there to verify that the problem is a filename that is too long. Furthermore, there is a 255 character limit (including extension) for filenames when using the webclient.