In FileWizrd, there are 3 different types of users that are organized in a hierarchy. These are Admin, Internal, and External.


✔    Can use all the features of the account administration interface.

✔    Can always invite new users and create shares.

✔    Can modify user attributes, and permissions to any share.

✔    Can always lock or unlock any file.

✔    As an admin user, you are not able to delete or downgrade yourself.


✔    May or may not be able to create shares (decided by account administrators).

✔    Can invite other users to a share that the user is an Owner of.


✔    May never create a new share.

✔    Can invite other users to a share that the user is an Owner of.

✔    New users invited using the Share edit menu are created as External users.

These user types can have different levels of rights to each share. These rights are Owner, Write, and Read,  and must be set for each user for each share.


✔    User has full control over which users have access to the share.

✔    Can remove other Owners from the share, even if they are Admins as well.

✔    Has write and read rights.


✔    User can create, rename, delete, copy, and move folders.

✔    Can upload, edit, rename, copy, and move files.

✔    Can share files/folders in a public link.

✔    Has read rights.


✔    Can preview and download files.

Note Users can be in groups. These groups are added to a share the same way users are. Groups can only have Write or Read rights to a share. If a user has read or write access to a share, and is part of a group that has read or write access to the same share, the user's rights will be the same as the group's. If the user is an owner of the share, they will keep their owner rights.