You might experience that some files are downloaded to your machine automatically. This can happen either when you click on the file's parent folder, when you open the folder, or when you select the file.

This happens most often due to having the Preview or the Details pane enabled in File Explorer's View options. This functionality is not supported in the PC client. The reason for the automatic download is that Windows needs to scan the file in order to generate a preview to show in the Preview or Details pane.

To solve this problem, disable these options in File Explorer:

1.    Open File Explorer.

2.    Click on View.

3.    Disable the Preview or Details pane, depending on which one is enabled.

The problem should be solved at this point.

If you still experience the issue, please verify that no third party antivirus apps are actively scanning the FileWizrd drive. To test this, you can disable the antivirus app and see if the problem still occurs.

If this solves it, then please whitelist the FileWizrd drive in your antivirus software.

When using File Explorer, please note that certain file types, such as .exe, .zip, and .dwg are downloaded automatically when their location is accessed due to Explorer requesting the first few kilobytes of these files. As a workaround, you may try using a different file manager application, or set a larger Keep Local Files setting in your PC client, which will keep these files cached after the first download, and will be automatically downloaded less frequently when entering their folder.

If none of the above solve or cover the problem you're experiencing, please create a ticket on our helpdesk.